Agreement with WU

The Catherine Washburn Medical Association sponsored a program this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. at the Lopez Community Center to explain the steps being taken and to be taken to associate with the University of Washington Medical School. Between fifty and seventy people attended. The meeting opened with extended praise for the director of the CWMA, the new commissioners of the Public Hospital District (PNH), the members of the clinic staff and Dr. Wilson especially, and the representatives of the University of Washington Physician Network (WUPN). An extended presentation of the WUPN, its various outlets and the thing they have accomplished as well as their long range plans. It was followed by a question period dealing mainly with how individuals will be affected by changing conditions. In short there was much happy talk but little hard talk – otherwise much talk about what can be done and who might do it but nothing about it will be done and how it will be done and how much it will cost. Only a few present seemed to be interested in what it all will cost. There was some inference that it the near future there might be a need for an entirely new clinic building.

As an answer to questions of cost has obtained a copy of the Summary Term Agreement which seems to be the preliminary agreement which will, probably be superceded by a Cinic Support Agreement and a Transaction Terms Agreement. Tideflats is working to obtain those two agreements. In the meantime the Summary Terms Agreement follows. It is interesting to note that CWMA is obligated to  pay as much as $411,950 or more for transition costs, of which $125,000 has already paid. And the PBH is obligated to pay any loss in clinic action up to an amount of $526,345 which will come from
increased real estate taxes.

The available agreement:
17-00440 (Power) Records

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