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The Tideflats blog is a collection of notes, information and events gathered over the past fifty years that might be of interest or useful to island residents these days. The opening post on tanker traffic is an example. Much has been written and talked about the tanker traffic in both Rosario and Haro straits, mostly about their danger. But not much has been discussed about ways to mitigate that danger. So the post is about the ways both the US and Canadian authorities have taken steps to reduce the danger and one possible way of eliminating it altogether.

In addition to some historical events of the past there are plenty of local projects that need considerable study. One is the proposal of our county councilman who wants to vacate a portion of the Agate Beach Road which he claims in eroding, which it is not, with an alternate road costing between three and five million dollars which leads to a place in the road which is eroding, dangerously. Information is being collected and there will be several posts on that in the near future. Brisk comments on this post as well as other is encouraged. The islands have a reputation for lively discussions.

Our (the editorial we) objective is keep focused on things of island interest. Nevertheless there will be an occasional time when the fascination of the moment overcomes my stern resolve. The current presidential election campaign is one of those times. I have observed nineteen presidential elections (well, really only eighteen. I was just a year old when Hoover was elected) and have never seen anything so bizarre. That doesn’t mean some haven’t come close. Look up the election of Rutherford B. Hayes. The election was finally settled by some horse trading in the House of Representative, proving that the constitutional system worked.

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