Reports to the IRS – Form 990

Tax exempt charities are required each year to report their income, expenses and net worth on IRS Form 990. In return for being tax exempt the IRS encourages the charity to be as open as possible. And the IRS code requires the charity to provide copies of the Form 990 for the three previous years to any one who asks for them.  The form does show the financial figures and also a great deal about the way their money is used. The Catherine Washburn Medical Association has been very reluctant to provide any information on the way contributions have been spent. The CWMA could avoid the work of providing copies to everyone if they posted the Form 990 on their web site which they have not done, so far. However in their last report to the IRS (for 2015) the CWMA has informed the IRS that “Any document is available to the public at their request.”

To give you a picture of the clinics status the reports for the last three years are posted below:

Clinic 990 2013

Clinic 990 2014

Clinic 990 2015



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